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Pixel Commissions 

50x50 Portrait 9$ 


Doll Portrait by Glad-Sad timjammi2 by Glad-Sad Aki50 by Glad-Sad Dandybarghest Icon by Glad-Sad Nopeita Icon by Glad-Sad FREE Grumpy Cat Icon by Glad-Sad 

50x50 Full body "Old-style pokemon sprites" 11$ New

(Warning - Smiley Eyes limited color palettes)


Pokemon Pixel  by Glad-Sad

50x50 Full body 13$


Tyronniesaur Icon by Glad-Sad Bananamantis Icons by Glad-Sad VCR-Wolfe Icon by Glad-Sad Glad-sad Icon by Glad-Sad MrGremble Icon by Glad-Sad Glad-sad Icon by Glad-Sad Jaywalkings Icon by Glad-Sad  King-chimera Icon by Glad-Sad

Extra + Blinking eye(s) animation +2$


:iconglad-sad: Kitgif by Glad-Sad Sevas-tra by Glad-Sad Sevas-tra Icon by Glad-Sad Cferretrun Icon by Glad-Sad Shiranova Icon by Glad-Sad

DA Group Icon 18$


Silkie-road group Icon by Glad-Sad Gylphi Grove entry 1 by Glad-Sad Owlies-Inc group Icon by Glad-Sad

  • Paypal only
  • I start pixelling as soon as the payment is made
  • You can request up to two pixel works per slot
  • I'll show you your commission before posting it to deviantart, so I can make any change you request

To do List: 




Comment to get a slot. : 3
Tyronniesaur Icon by Glad-Sad Inku-inku icons by Glad-SadDragowlfly Icon by Glad-SadJaywalkings Icon by Glad-SadMrGremble Icon by Glad-SadSa1b0t Icon by Glad-SadBananamantis Icons by Glad-SadKing-chimera Icon by Glad-Sad Cerylune Icon by Glad-Sad VCR-Wolfe Icon by Glad-SadDracobby Icon by Glad-Sad Dracobby Icon by Glad-Sad LavendeI Icon by Glad-SadFeatheredcritter Icon by Glad-SadNil Icon by Glad-Sad Glad-sad Icon by Glad-Sad Cferretrun Icon by Glad-SadSa1b0t Icon by Glad-Sad Dracobby Icons by Glad-Sad Dragowlfly Icon by Glad-Sad Sevas-tra Icon by Glad-Sad Dracobby Icon by Glad-Sad Sevas-tra Icon by Glad-Sad Aledles Icon by Glad-Sad Steelfangs Icon by Glad-SadBlueberrygoblin icon by Glad-SadHelixel Icon by Glad-SadSteelfangs Icon by Glad-SadKrinTheCoffee icon by Glad-SadDachsi Icon by Glad-Sad Hooter-totter Icon by Glad-SadJade-katt Icon by Glad-Sad Glad-sad Icon by Glad-SadKeiibon Icon by Glad-SadGlad-sad Icon by Glad-SadGquin Icon by Glad-Sad Dracobby Icon by Glad-SadSithLordDeneray Icon by Glad-SadVCR-Wolfe Icon by Glad-SadMrGremble Icon by Glad-Sad Dragowlfly Icons by Glad-SadGambit by Glad-SadTyronniesaur Icon by Glad-SadSilky Dragon by Glad-Sad11Monsters Icon by Glad-Sadkojireru icon by Glad-SadInku-inku icon by Glad-SadKing-chimera Icon by Glad-SadSarah-grey icon by Glad-SadRubis Firenos Icon by Glad-SadFREE Wheatley Icon by Glad-SadByoWT icon by Glad-Sad Speedytheneedlemouse Icon by Glad-SadSlimefawn Icon by Glad-SadKariStarr icon by Glad-SadBezlai Icons by Glad-SadBezlai Icon by Glad-Sadkenziiquinn icon by Glad-SadMarlonthegreenwolf Icon by Glad-Sad Marlonthegreenwolf Icon by Glad-SadPeace-Wolf Icon by Glad-SadFREE Shiny Fox Icon by Glad-SadKitcat925 icon by Glad-SadBaby Owl Icon for Ginnunga by Glad-SadTeal Owl Icon for Ginnunga by Glad-SadGinnunga Icon by Glad-SadTimjammi icon (raffle winner) by Glad-SadOld sprites by Glad-Sad Nopeita Icon by Glad-SadFREE Grumpy Cat Icon by Glad-SadShiranova Icon by Glad-SadX3u Icon by Glad-SadFeufollay Icon by Glad-Sad

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kamifox1 Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I am in love with your art! Especially the Okami stuff!
Glad-Sad Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2015
Many thanks!
SilviaVanni Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2015  Professional General Artist
Thanks for the :+fav: ^__^
heidi-rodis Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Your pixel art is awesome. I don't know how you pixel art folks do it but it's all magic and wonders.
Glad-Sad Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2015
Many thanks! 
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